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Here, you can truly experience the forces of nature at play and witness the amazing forces let loose through the heavy swell of the Atlantic Ocean, driven from Icelandand the Faroe Islandsby the north-westerly winds to finally end up beating against the Danish coast.The wind, the waves and the crude and unspoiled nature constitute the epitome of the urban holiday village of Klitmøller.Brønderslev Kommune, Brønderslev Flisemedarbejder til Dronninglund Brønderslev Kommunes Vej & Park afdeling søger en ny medarbejder til Vejafdelingen i Dronninglund Oplysninger om Vej & Park: Vej & Park...

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See all current events in Thy Though few in number, the Klitmøller restaurants are fabulous.

For instance, you can enjoy a delicious 3-course meal based on local produce at Restaurant Conrad; or you could enjoy the view together with the fish buffet served at Niels Juul.

Not far from Klitmøller, you will come across a variety of museums spanning the history of former times’ fishing industry as well as Viking Age art and culture.

We could for instance mention Vorupør Museum and the Viking burial ground, Tømmerby Vikingegravplads.

Klitmøller is a North Jutland holiday spot in high demand.