Dating the m1 steel helmet

Dating the m1 steel helmet-10

Following a series of experimental models (the model 5A was of pot-shaped design and received extensive testing before it was discontinued in 1932) and tests, it was recommended in 1934 that the M1917 helmet with a modified lining of a hair-filled pad be standardized as Helmet, M1917A1 (fig. The final end item with an adjustable headpad weighed 2 pounds and 6 ounces.

A lull in helmet development occurred in the period from 1934 to 1940 when the first draft call was issued.

With the advent of new weapons in the hands of belligerent countries, countermeasures can follow several patterns, such as increasing firepower to overcome the advantages of the new weapon, developing specific antitype weapons, or producing interim personnel protective devices.

Between 19, interest and progress in helmet development were maintained by the Ordnance Department and the Infantry Board.

It was of two-piece design with an outer Hadfield steel shell and a separate inner liner containing the suspension system.