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His new album “The Art of Doing Nothing” is slated for a release on June 10 and the album’s lead single “Stars” definitely does quite the job of creating an appetite for the new album.

In some ways Owen’s single “Stars” lyrically borrows heavily from some of Take That’s ‘Progress’ era tracks which included talk of aliens, rocket ships and traveling through the dimensions.

Until former Take That sweetheart Mark Owen releases his new single and we can't wait another minute! Thrust into the limelight in his teens, he’s done everything from wearing studded leather chaps and rolling about in jelly for a pop video with UK teen supergroup Take That in 1992, to spending 11 days under intense scrutiny in the Celebrity Big Brother House UK, a job that netted him 3 million votes worth of approval when he emerged victorious after being named the winner last year.

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But on this track, the vocals are well-suited to the subject matter.

There is also a nice moment near the end of the track where his vocals are ‘echoed’ into several layers.

The insistent and quite angry beat running through the track is especially noteworthy.

Owen’s vocals can be a bit off-putting for some – since they are a bit nasal.

What he does have on his side is the association with Take That which is never to be under-estimated.