Sex-date Trier

Simulated sex often looks...well, simulated, and there is something interesting about how comfortable viewers are with sex on screen, often graphic sex, as long as they can assume its simulated.

Title: Nymphomaniac Director: Lars von Trier Producer: Louise Vesth Cast: Stellan Skarsgard, Stacy Martin Classification: R Duration: 240 mins Release date: 27/03/2014 Release details: Limited national release Genre: Drama Lead actor: Charlotte Gainsbourg Screenplay: Lars von Trier Distributor: Transmission Language: English Lars von Trier's epic four hour NYMPHOMANIAC is framed by a dialectic between Seligman - Stellen Skarsgard - and Joe - Charlotte Gainsbourg - the woman he rescues from an alley near his home. As she recovers in his pyjama top over a cup of tea, the story of her self-proclaimed sinful life is revealed.

She has been from an early age voraciously and boldly promiscuous. MARGARET: But I'm going to go three and a half on this one.

По словам Абрамович, первый интерес к датскому кинорежиссеру разбудила в ней его картина 1996-го года «Рассекая волны» - эта мелодрама дала ей множество бессонных ночей.

Марина считает, что только Триер может доводить в своих работах актеров до грани нервного срыва, а ей, как художнику перформанса, это очень близко.

Ее перформансы появлялись в таких сериалах как «Секс в большом городе» и «Доктор Хаус».