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I was on the phone to another HBF Customer Service Officer just before trying to figure out what is actually happening with this claim which has taken HBF over 2 weeks to process, only to be spoken to with a preconceived attitude of "It's your fault" before I even identified myself and requested an update on the claim (not the best attitude to resolve an issue with a disgruntled customer.) Naturally frustrated after making 5 calls over the space of 2 weeks with ridiculous hold times and after being promised "24 hours", "2 days", "3 days" only to be told that "You have cancelled anyway so what does it matter how long it takes"- This response is precisely the reason why I cancelled my membership.HBF provides "Telstra" level of customer service where no one can give you an answer but costs the same (and more) as any other Professional Heath Insurance Provider.

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Single essentials saver hbf

Terrible call center long long waiting times wish i hadn't change not really saving going over to them.

When i change was told would cover my waiting times from previous fund didn't happen. You think with all these same reviews they would look at doing better.

HBF has gone downhill to the point where it has zero respect for its customers. How about with the 45 minute wait on the phone to speak with anyone, every time I call. Unfortunately, HBF doesn't offer any of those things.

Their website is horrible, I have 3 different claim numbers given to me each time, and nothing on the website gives me any information except that it was approved or denied. I asked the representative if she thought it was reasonable that I wait 45 minutes every time I call, and she said yes. The "Flexible" change of services actually translates to "You can only change the extras around by phone and you have to make at least 2-3 calls to do so with about a minimum of 40 minutes wait time per call".

I have only ever put 2 claims through and both took about 2 weeks (one still hasn't shown up in my account 2 weeks and counting).