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Births and Baptisms in Parish Registers All births in the parish registers are recorded chronologically, after 1814 often separate for each gender and with the year listed at the top of each page. Vital Records in the Danish Parish Registers All vital records in Denmark—births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths, and burials—are registed in parish registers (or church books).

Unlike, for example, in England where a national ci...

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Churchyards and Cemeteries in Denmark As a part of your family history research you might want to find your ancestor's gravestones, but before you dig into cemetery research, it might be worth knowing a few things about churchyards and ce...

Emigration from Denmark - An Introduction In the 1800''s people across Europe where on the move, and especially after the 1840''s many people departed the "Old World" to seek a better life abroad. The 100 most common surnames in Denmark This list covers the 100 most common surnames in present-day Denmark.

Marriage Records in Parish Registers All marriages are recorded chronologically in a separate record, and with the year listed at the top of each page.